Timkat (Timket)

6E2557D9-85D9-4D52-A00C-7A2723B69B77Timkat is a religious festival  that is celebrated all over Ethiopia each year. This three day festival is held in January and commemorates the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist. The best place to experience Timkat is in Gondar the Royal, ancient, and historical city of Ethiopia. It is the home of many Emperors and Princess who lead the country from the 12th century to the last decade of the 20th century. It is considered the “ Camelot of Africa” with its castles and forties cities.


The national language, Amharic – Africa’s only written language with its own uniquie script – is widely spoken throughout the country and is predominant in most of the big cities.

Ehtiopia is the only country in Africa that has not been colonized by Europeans. It’s history can be traced back to the tribe of Dan as well as Solomon and Bathsheba through their son Menelik who became emperor of the region.

It is believed that the “ Ark of the Covenenat” is concealed here, and is guarded twenty-four hours a day with no access to the general public.

The Ethiopian bible is the oldest and most complete on earth, it is called the “ Garima Gospels” located in Adwa.


Abrahamic religions which are commonly found in the country who trace their lineage back to Abraham or have spiritual identity with him is Islam, Christianity, and Judahism along with  Rastafarian. However, Coptic Christianity being the oldest form of Christianity connecting its roots to Egypt.


The Kingdom of Aksum (also known as the Kingdom of Axum , or the Aksumite Empire ) was an ancient kingdom in what is now northern Ethiopia and Eritrea . It was ruled by by the Aksumites,  and existed from approximately 100 AD to 940 AD. The polity was centered in the city of Axum and grew from the Iron Age period around the 4th century BC to achieve prominence by the 1st century AD. It became a major player on the commercial route between the Roman Empire and Ancient India .

Lalibela is known for its eleven rock hewn churches which is often part of the Timkat festival. Theses churches are located in the Siemen Mountains and carved into the mountains itself.

To learn about ehtiopia, it’s many festivals, the land of coffee and its people go to ethiopianembassy.org.






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